School Council

Welcome to our School Council page!

Billingshurst Primary School Council is a proactive group of children elected by their fellow pupils to represent their opinions and think about how together we can make sure our school stays happy, safe and exciting.
Any pupil in Year 1 - 6 can stand to be a member of School Council.  They have to make a speech to their class, saying what issues they think are important, as well as why they would make a good representative.  Every class will then vote for the child who they thought could share ideas and speak up for them.
The school council takes forward projects on behalf of the children from all classes.  Recent projects have included:
  • A road safety campaign for parents and local drivers to help keep us all safe and our neighbours happy.  We won a 'Speaker of the House of Commons School Council Award' - Highly Commended!
  • Developing a safeguarding campaign for all children.  We have launched the 'Worry Box' and safeguarding display and we are about to create a leaflet by children for children.
  • How we prefer to learn - what makes learning fun for example:  Talk Partners.
  • Safety around the school.
  • Improving maths.
  • Improving writing.
To be effective, our school council does the following:
  • Represents all pupils and includes as many people as possible.
  • Takes time to listen to all children and communicate their views.
  • Feeds back to children about what happened about their views.
  • Makes things happen - or explains why they can't!
Our School Council consists of 18 members - 1 from each class in KS1 and KS2.
The School Council meet every month to review actions and plan ahead.