Year 6

The teachers in Year 6 are Miss Cashmore (Year Leader), Mr Griffiths and Miss Shilton. They are supported by Miss Gorringe, Mrs Pullen, Ms Holder, Ms Ince and Mrs Harmer.

Year 6 is a very important year in Key Stage 2 as it is a time of transition between primary and secondary education. We intend to make the children's final year in primary school successful, memorable and to ensure that they take their love of learning with them on their journey through education. 

In the Autumn term, ‘Layers of the Landscape’ is the theme driving our curriculum. This focus is humanities based and throughout the term we will explore the human and physical geography of the United Kingdom. We will also be exploring this theme through our art, writing and Book Talk lessons.

In the Spring term, ‘World War II: How did it change Britain?’ will be the question driving our learning. Using literature, drama and a variety of historical sources, we will explore the impact and legacy of WW2 on Britain and the wider world.

During the Summer term, our final project is based around our chosen Shakespeare play. This provides us with a wonderful opportunity to immerse the children in drama and our literary heritage, inspiring an appreciation of language and the performing arts.

For many, a highlight of the year is our week-long trip to Tile Barn in the Summer term. We camp for the week in a beautiful part of Hampshire, taking part in outward bound activities such as canoeing, abseiling, rock-scrambling and zip-wire, as well as a number of team building activities and camp fires. It is a wonderful week, which builds the children's confidence and independence.  

The Year 6 team are very excited for the year ahead and look forward to working with you and the children to make this a memorable year. 

If you need to contact us please do so through our Year Group email:

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