School Council

Welcome to our School Council page!

The School Council is an extremely important part of our school as, through it, our children make a real difference to how our school runs and its improvement.

Our School Council is made up of elected representatives from each class in the school from Year 1 - Year 6. The School Council meet regularly to discuss projects and ideas that benefit everyone in the school.

Recent projects include:

  • A road safety campaign for parents and local drivers to help keep us all safe and our neighbours happy. We won a 'Speaker of the House of Commons School Council Award - Highly Commended!
  • Developing a safeguarding campaign for all children. We have just launched the 'Worry Box' and safeguarding display and we are about to create a leaflet by children for children.
  • How we prefer to learn - what makes learning fun.
  • Safety around the school.
  • Improving maths.
  • Improving writing.