Introduction to Homework

At BPS we believe that learning at home should encourage a love of learning, curiosity and independence. We have no compulsory homework as we want children to get involved because they want to – not because they will be punished if they do not. Reading is at the heart of learning and we ask that children have the opportunity to read at home every day, share books and talk about books with whomever is at home – even their pet! Children will also have maths facts and spellings to practice – it is really helpful to support your child with these at home. We send out optional homework for children to complete if they wish to – and the children have a part in creating the homework opportunities. We actively encourage collaboration at home to complete these tasks. In Year 6 we do have a little more homework but we also run a club to support children in completing this and develop practices that will help at secondary school.

We also know that children should be playing, following their own interests outside school, relaxing and spending time with their families. Homework should not intrude on this but should allow children opportunities to explore, create and learn.



Learning from home, Autumn Term 2020

Each week, in line with government requirements, we will be up loading our weekly planning to Padlet for you to access if your child is away from school because your family is isolating. There is no requirement for the work to be completed if your child is away from school because they are poorly. Each year groups’ work can be accessed with the following links and any completed work can be emailed into school using the year group email. The planning will be available by Friday of the preceding week. If you would like a paper copy of the work, please contact the school office.

Year R                          https://padlet.com/eyfs6/s2b0uphb3f1o2zy6

Year 1                          https://padlet.com/year17/Bookmarks

Year 2                          https://padlet.com/year219/70gr5qjjqscw39hz

Year 3                         https://padlet.com/year339/Bookmarks

Year 4                         https://padlet.com/year440/Bookmarks

Year 5                         https://padlet.com/year5135/Bookmarks

Year 6                         https://padlet.com/year640/Bookmarks


The online learning is in place for individual children and families having to isolate or in case of a local lockdown. It is not an alternative to coming to school. Attendance at school this term and on-going is a legal requirement.